*** How excited you are that Christmas is just around the corner?
*** Wondering where to eat on Christmas Day?
*** Would you like to spend your Christmas day with family and not worrying about the Christmas day catering yourself?

At The Old Dresser we offer THREE Christmas Day solutions:
- we can provide a full Christmas lunch at the restaurant
- or a full Christmas Dinner cooked and collected on Christmas Day
- if you are looking for a more private space you can choose our SUPPORT BUBBLES OFFER FOR MINIMUM 5 PEOPLE with private dining space WHERE YOU WILL HAVE THE ENTIRE RESTAURANT TO YOURSELVES.

The only downside is that it will probably cost you more
than your average Aldi shop, setting you back £27.50 per person including dessert and mince pie.
Write phone number correctly. Remove the leading zero of your phone number and prefix it with '+44. For example, 07911123456 becomes +447911123456.
is applied to all tables booked via QUANDOO.
Please check your bill carefully before you settle it and leave the restaurant as there is no guarantee refunds can be offered at a later date.